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Chairman's Message

Mr. Prakash Mutha - Chairman Of S. H. Mutha College


Education is the most important activity for growth and progress of any society. It not only imparts knowledge, skill and innculcates values but is also responsible for building human capital that is necessary for innovations and, ultimately, the economic growth of the country.


My aim is to provide education to one and all, to make Kalyan a literate city. Mutha College has always aimed at providing quality education : social moral value based and need-based education to the students and at empowering the local community. Our students are encouraged to participate in inter-college, inter-university and open state level / national level cultural sports activities.


In line with our view of expanding education we are in process of starting several new courses in the coming years. We are planning to begin with Management College and Polytechnic. Sincere efforts are made to bring in best infrastructure available in the vicinity


With Regards,
Mr. Prakash Mutha

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