Chairman's Message
Secretary's Message
Dear Students & Parents , We welcome you to We welcome you to
"SETH HIRACHAND MUTHA COLLEGE" Of Arts,Commerce and Science".
We sincerely believe that learning and living are interrelated, unless learning is relevant to living it is no learning at all. Merely providing bookish knowledge without any practical applications is just like providing the students with the tools, without explaining or demonstrating how to use it.
We believe in all round development of the student. During the course of their education they are gradually metamorphosed into confident mature intellectuals and not merely literate individuals. We organize number of co-curricular & extra curricular activities, which will help them to identify their hidden talents & nurture them.
My advice to our students is think and dream big, be ambitious enough to own the world, make the universe your playground. Don't feel satisfied with anything smaller than what you have dreamed of. Work hard to achieve your goals with a clear conscience. Then there will be no stress, no ambiguity and of course no stopping for you.
We wish all our students success & bright future.
With regards,
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